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DVMISSION announces dates for 2018 and launches a call for sponsors!

Yes, we have started planning DVMISSION 2018, we have some dates and we are coming back with an even bigger, better and more immersive experience for you in 2018. But first we need some sponsors to help pay the bills and we need your help to find them.

The CHALLENGE WEEKEND is over the 9th to 11th March and DVMISSION PRESENTS immersive experience, gala screening and awards is on the 17th March at the Wedgewood Rooms. This time we are taking over the after party and will be putting on DJ’s and more to entertain you.

We do need some sponsors though and this is what we can offer in return: logo on our website, logo on our printed publicity, dedicated and named awards, VIP tables, product placement, post event media content, social media marketing. Basically, we are interested in offering sponsors innovative ways to get their message out there (as long as it aligns with the DVMISSION ethos) and we are happy to talk to anyone about how we can collaborate to put 2018 on the road.

So, we need you to contact us with ideas for sponsors or even sponsors already set up to go. We need help though, we can’t do it alone, we need the power of the crowd!

If you have ideas, or want to get involved in other ways then do get in touch through the contacts page or:

Contact DVMISSION: operations@dvmission.co.uk

Phone: 07894 899 044