Mission Updates

DVMISSION makes the Big Decision…

Big news of an earth shattering nature is to follow so either sit down and buckle up or teeter on the edge of a tall building depending on your level of risk aversion. The BIG DECISION taken at the inaugural Un-Meeting was to not run a DVMISSION in 2016!

No we are not taking a year off we are just “being the adults” and moving the challenge out of the overcrowded November calendar and pushing it to Spring 2017. Which of course means more light to shoot in as well as the opportunity to re-launch at all the amazing festivals in the region.

We will be at ALL of the local festivals even if we have to flashmob them and believe me there are already plans in place to mobilse a flashmob screening on such a scale that would have any festival organiser quaking in their boots (shoes/trainers etc…).

We are planning a retrospective among other things, workshops and seminars (everyone seems to think we should offer some workshops on sound recording, editing and so on). There is also a cry for an Award for Sound Design. Just looking for a venue that might be able to handle a crowd of MISSIONISTAS hungry to make a film.

So we have some more time, we have taken a difficult and possibly unpopular decision and it will be hard to not run a challenge in 2016, for the first time in 10 years. The people at the Un-Meeting were unanimous in their belief that this is a good move and that good things will come of it.

The next Un-Meeting is on the 2nd Wednesday of March (9th) and there is already an event on FaceBook so just sign up. There is lots to do; we have video that needs editing, blogs that need writing, crowdfunding that needs rewarding. Literarily lots to do so if you managed to survive the trauma of this announcement then get on board DVMISSION 2017!