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Sneaky Badger win the Decennial Spirit of DVMISSION 2005-2016

Celebrating ten years of DVMISSION as part of Southampton Film Week the award for Decennial Spirit of DVMISSION went to Sneaky Badger. Thanks to our sponsors Sneaky Badger walked away with two licences for Final Draft 10, four tickets to Film Expo South and a gift card for gastro pub chain Ideal Collection worth £80.

Our team of judges felt that Broken Bricks film’s celebrated the idea of doing a 48-hour film challenge. They embrace the DIY, punk aesthetic, made on a shoestring, against the clock, for the sheer fun of it. The innovative use of props, a clever response to the obstructions, and a just a sense that this team really gets stuck in all contributed to their selection as winners. Broken Bricks really have that spirit have of rock-n-roll filmmaking about them.

Sneaky Badger had the following films screened in competition:

2015 – the obstructions were:

  • Title: The Perfect 20
  • Dialogue: “Shatner Don’t Surf”
  • Genre: Cyberpunk

2014 – the obstructions were:

  • Genre: Hybrid Disaster
  • Dialogue: “When the going gets weird…”
  • Title: Exit 13

2012 – the obstructions were:

  • Title: The Pepperdine Method
  • Dialogue: “I’ve got ninety-nine problems”
  • Genre: Creature Feature

2011 – the obstructions were:

  • Title: Thundermaus
  • Dialogue: “Let them eat cake”
  • Genre: Techno Horror

Following the event DVMISSION wish to announce the 2017 challenge is now open for business and anyone wanting to take part can sign up via our page. Just follow the link on the website homepage.