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#DVMISSION10 years and still rolling!

As I sit here trawling through a long list of films for #DVMISSION10 Years and Still Rolling, films provided to me by the now retired Mission Director Jinx Prowse. I am amazed not that we have produced quite so many films over the ten years, but also stunned by how good they all are. Made on a shoestring, with little time and often with minimal resources these films really are a testament to the creativity of all those people who have taken part in DVMISSION over the last ten or so years. There are in fact around 200 films uploaded to the DVMISSION Youtube Channel, I didn’t count them all I just made a rough guess and I haven’t watched them all, though I should. Many I remember for them screening others I have rediscovered while going through the channel and all have delighted me again and again. One oddity I came across while trying to work out the genre for the 2008 obstructions was an IMDB listing for a film released in September 2008 titled ‘Blood Moon’ which is weirdly close to the title of that year’s films ‘Blood on the Moon‘. Incidentally, if anybody can remember the genre that year please let me know.

So now we have what is shaping up to be an excellent celebration of ten years of #DVMISSION10 as part of this year’s Southampton Film Week on Friday 11th November at The Stage Door in the centre of Southampton. There is already a Facebook event up so please get along there and let us know if you are coming. The evening will include a short panel discussion, the screening, awards ceremony, and an after part with DJ Dapper Dan the Rock’n’Roll Town Crier on the decks.

The list of films we are screening has been put together by Jinx Prowse who ran the challenge for all those ten years. The list is his pick of the stand out films from that period and we will not only be screening the films on the 11th November, but we will be giving out two prizes for the Decennial Spirit of DVMISSION as well as a prize for the Very Very Very Best Film from the selection. We already have a copy of Final Draft available as one of the prizes and we are still gather prizes for what will be a glittering night of movie hijinks. We will be posting more information including a list of all the films we will be screening in the next few weeks so make sure you put Friday 11th November in the diary.