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“Oh DVMISSION you are delightfully weird…” and what a night it was!

So the 11th DVMISSION 48 Hour Film Challenge is done and dusted with and with a new decade ahead we launched our new concept for the awards night DVMISSION PRESENTS. Taking our inspiration from the challenge genre we staged Da Da Land, an immersive cinematic experience.

Here are a few comments from those who attended this strange and rather wonderful event at The Wedgewood Rooms:

“There were people with rabbit masks and pale faced weirdos… was that a dream?”

“A curious evening…”

“The Twin Peaks inspired stage set ups and tables were really cool…”

“What is going on?”

“Never been happier to be beaten by dancing satsumas…”

“Oh DVMISSION you are delightfully weird…”

“If you are not doing this you are missing out…”

We agree there, if you are not doing this then you are missing out. DVMISSION is the longest running 48 Hour Film Challenge in the UK, it is south coast through and through and is the only time of the year you will find so many media makers under one roof.

We were pleased to see people dressed to impress and really threw themselves into the experience. Next year we are even planning on adding another award “Most Dressed to Impress” though I am sure we will find a better title.

So for now, stay tuned, we hope to have dates for 2018 soon. Plus we need your help putting this show on the road so if you have time and skills you want to donate then please get in touch.

The 2017 DVMISSION 48 Hour Film Challenge Winners are:

  • Best Story: Trash Arts
  • Most Inspired Prop: Deadling Specilists
  • Most Astonishing Special Effect: Truth at 88mph
  • Most Cinematic Moment: Trash Arts
  • Best Sound Design: Decalomaina
  • Best Editing: Global Fire Creative
  • Best Actor: What Are The Hours?
  • Best Actress: Project Metaverse
  • Best Film (non pro): Deadline Specialists
  • Best Film (pro): What Are The Hours?
  • Sprit: Worcester Massive
  • Best Social Media: What Are The Hours?
  • The Audience Raved: Team Sallet

Watch all of the films here!

Watch the winning films here!

The 2017 Obstructions were:

  • Genre – Lynchian Musical
  • Dialogue – “whats it like”, “Its like nothing at all”.
  • Title – The Last Game
  • Additional obstruction for previous prize winners – a man eating an ice cream holding a red bucket full of popcorn.