Competitions Mission Updates

MISSION COMPLETED 2017 with 16 teams crossing the finish line

A big thank you for competing and well done to those who crossed the finish line for the 2017 DVMISSION 48 Hour Film Challenge. Its a massive achievement to do a short film in 48 hours and we know that it takes a superhuman effort. 

The teams that crossed the finish line are:

  1. Truth at 88mph
  3. Reservoir Cats
  4. Got To Go Fast
  5. Project Metaverse
  6. Team Nug
  7. Trash Arts
  8. Deadline Specialists
  9. Who thought this was a good idea?
  10. Decalcomania
  11. Worcester Massive
  12. What are the hours?
  14. Keda
  15. Familiar Stranger
  16. Global Fire Creative

So now we move onto the judging and planning for the big night at the Wedgewood Rooms where we will be staging an immersive cinematic experience for team members, friends and guests. Find out more by visiting our Facebook events page for Da Da Land!


See you on Saturday!