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DVMISSION PRESENTS “Da Da Land” T-shirts on sale now!

Did you enjoy DVMISSION? Did you have fun and make some great films? Do you want us to do another one in 2018? Then BUY THE T-SHIRT!

Well, believe it or not it costs more money to run DVMISSION than we take from ticket sales and competition fees. So right now DVMISSION needs to clear some debts before we can start planning for next year.

Which is why we have set up a TEESPRING storefront and we are asking you to dig deep and purchase some T-shirts featuring the posters we designed for the DVMISSION PRESENTS night at the Wedgewood Rooms.

We don’t make much from the t-shirts and we would need to sell 160 tees to even break even. So we don’t expect to recover all of the money we invested in this year’s DVMISSION but any t-shirt sales are good sales as far as we are concerned.

If you have ideas for new designs (or even better designs) we are also happy to hear from you as it costs us nothing to add t-shirt designs to the storefront and we intend to keep it running throughout the year.

So put your hands in your pockets and buy a T or Three!

Just visit our Teespring storefont at this URL: