Broken Bricks win the Very Very Very Best of DVMISSION 2005-2016

Celebrating ten years of DVMISSION as part of Southampton Film Week the award for Very Very Very Best of DVMISSION went to Broken Bricks. Thanks to our sponsors Broken Bricks walked away with two licences for Final Draft 10, four tickets to Film Expo South and a gift card for gastro pub chain Ideal Collection worth £80.

After a screening of 30 films that had been selected by founder Jinx Prowse we brought Broken Bricks up on stage to receive their award. They are pretty used to standing on stage with us having won numerous awards over the last few years. Nonetheless they told us that this was a special moment and thanked us for welcoming them into the DVMISSION community.

Broken Bricks had the following films screened:

2015 – the obstructions were:

Title: The Perfect 20
Dialogue: “Shatner Don’t Surf”
Genre: Cyberpunk

2014 – the obstructions were:

Genre: Hybrid Disaster
Dialogue: “When the going gets weird…”
Title: Exit 13

2013 – the obstructions were:

Title: The Red Curve
Dialogue: “Kiss my Universe”
Genre: Urban Fairy-tale

The judges felt that Broken Bricks films showed consistency across; story, directing, production, cinematography, sound design and performance. Their films engaged with the audience and stood out over and above the other entrants.

Following the event DVMISSION wish to announce the 2017 challenge is now open for business and anyone wanting to take part can sign up via our page. Just follow the link on the website homepage.

Thanks to Kirsty Bradbury for photo.