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DVMISSION calls out for judges to award prizes for the Ten Years and Still Rolling competition

Want to be a DVMISSION judge for the Southampton Film Week event on Friday 11th November at The Stage Door?

Yes it’s been ten years and DVMISSION is still rolling and though we are not running a new challenge until March 2017, the now retired MISSION Director has trawled through some 200 entries from 2006 up until 2015 and picked out a shortlist of his favourite films. These will all be screened at the Ten years and Still Rolling event in November and will be entered for one of two awards. The Very, Very, Very Best of Ten Years of DVMISSION and the Decennial Spirit of DVMISSION.

The Very, Very, Very best of Ten Years of DVMISSION will go to the film that shows consistency across; story, directing, production, cinematography, sound design and performance. It is the film that the judges feel most engages with the audience and the one that stands out over and above the other entrants.

The Decennial Spirit of DVMISSION will go to the film that most celebrates the idea of doing a 48-hour film challenge. The film with the most DIY, punk aesthetic, made on a shoestring, against the clock, for the sheer fun of it. It could be down to the innovative use of props, a clever response to the obstructions, or just a sense that this team really gets stuck in. It may not be the best film but it should have that spirit of rock-n-roll filmmaking about it.

We already have a copy of Final Draft as one of the prizes and we are still working on more prizes to go along with the much coveted Pompey Oscars which will be one of a kind as we won’t be celebrating another decennial anniversary for another ten years.

So, if you want to be a judge, if you know someone who would like to be a judge, or someone who just has the time to watch some 30 2 minute films then please get in touch otherwise it’s going to be down to a roll of the dice. Anyone who is interested can get in touch with the current MISSION Director on: